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Join me on a journey of peace, mindfulness, exploration, and creativity as I traverse the Second Life grid. 

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let's explore.

Find routes, curious explorations, and beautiful discoveries herein. 


Corsica Excursions

Corsica, a mainland continent in Second Life north of Nautilus, contain roads and routes to satisfy any explorer's soul. Go with me on various road trips and excursions around Corsica by air, sea, and road.

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Random Journeys

It brings me peace to sometimes explore where the energy of the day takes me. Join me as I venture out on journeys that may originate from any continent, to any other continent. 

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Joyful Places 

Your inner child deserves some time in the light. Find beautiful places to have fun and tap into the joy that you deserve, always.

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mindful living in sl.

Finding peace and joy in the little things.


Places to Chill

I love finding places to relax, especially when real life beckons. Here's a collection of some of my favorite places to chill, with routes to take your own peaceful journey.

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