02. Leisurely Circuit.
Taking a leisurely drive around the Circuit la Corse, with beautiful stops along the way.

02. Leisurely Circuit

Map of the Circuit la Corse on the Corsica Continent

When I want to unwind and explore different terrains without worrying about a set point or destination, I take a drive around the Circuit la Corse.

Aside from being a closed circuit with varying topography that takes approximately 1.5 hours to complete from start to end points, the Circuit is full of exciting, curious, creative spots to visit, created for your enjoyment by other residents.

When I'm ready for a small mindful journey that doesn't involve a lot of navigation, the Circuit la Corse is my go-to for quiet excursions.

Today, I started my small trip with the goal of visiting Lusca, which has been heavily invested in by the community on the sim. One of the most fascinating aspects of mainland travel is that, like in the real world, one could find a piece of land and a barren area, and with an idea, create something magical. If the folks who buy land near you also find your idea magical, they'll buy into it and collectively create an experience.

I had my own tangible mainland renovation experience with Walpole (where I purchased land there when it was completely barren and watched it grow around me), and love visiting Lusca for the same reason. There's something about areas of mainland that are carefully curated that brings me so much joy- I think that when folks work together to create an experience it makes SL that much more engaging.

Anyway- I started at Eschen Rest Area's Waffle Shack to grab a meal before heading on the road. The waffles are amazing here!

Sidenote- I loved creating this space, right at the rez zone in Eschen for travelers who want to grab some info, food, and fun while traveling.

One of my fav things is finding little spots like this around to enjoy and shop in, and I wanted to contribute a spot like this to our world. Hope you enjoy it on your travels!

Aside from the Waffle Shack, Eschen Rest Area offers a visitor's center with routes and a GPS hud to take you around Corsica, and an arcade to chill, grab a drink, and enjoy playable games.

After a yummy meal, I hopped in my favorite vehicle, the Himalaya by Lusch Motors. It handles the mainland so well, and in 1st gear is a really smooth, enjoyable vehicle to drive.

The Drive

Tl;dr? This is the part where I chat about the actual drive from Eschen to Lusca, so if you're still with me, let's take a ride. I'll highlight some spots I think are delightful along the way, but we're heading west on the same road for this journey- feel free to explore and share with me what you found!


  • The Circuit la Corse has varied terrain. It's suggested to cruise on 1st or 2nd gear- while it's tempting to speed down the circuit (and fun, too), it's best experienced by taking a slower ride.
  • Turn your draw distance up and down based on your machine's performance/graphics quality. I typically drive on 228+, but I enjoy the feeling of 'seeing in front of me'. If this isn't an option for you, try driving at draw distance 98+.
  • Take your time, get out at spots that call to you, and know that there's a rez zone every few sims. Purchase a wearable bike to go from rez zone to rez zone, if needed!

Evergarden Equestrian

Evergarden Equestrian

A big, beautiful equestrian center for horse lovers, spanning almost a full sim with trails, stables, and more. Make sure to stop by on your way around the circuit- it's definitely picturesque and a wonderful way to spend some mindful moments.

The Greenhouse Affect

Greenhouse Affect in Klens

Snuck a pic of Caroline, my jeep, with the Greenhouse Affect. This is a really cool warehouse selling PlantPets, breedable plants that add beauty to your home and gardens. When I was new to PlantPets, it was the first place I went to stock up!

Okay, a long haul through a few sims here. It's pretty, and varied- lots of nice houses. Watch out for the bumpy road in Shetlon- not all vehicles can make it up the steep concrete!

The Ghostbusters House

Ghostbusters House in Shetlon

Feeling a bit of nostalgia? Pop in and take a pic with these iconic cars from your childhood. This is a publicly accessible space, so feel free to stop in- there's a rez spot behind you on the road.

YavaScript Pod Station

Yavascript Pod Station in Corfeld

If you're getting weary of driving, stop here and hop in a YavaScript Pod and take a guided tour around Corsica. Some even go on intercontinental trips, so check the schedule, take a journey, and come back to the drive around the Circuit!

We're up into the mountains from here! Be sure to keep your foot on the gas, as these hills are 'slippery' and steep at points!

Leighsa's Diner

Leighsa's Diner in Banyan

Grab a quick bite to eat and support Relay for Life in this cute mountain diner! A nice pit stop after a grueling haul up the mountain- did you find it hard to navigate up the hill? Try shifting gears up one (usually with the 'page up' key) to get up steep roads.

Okay- this is our last stretch before Lusca. We're driving up the plateau now (did you know that Corsica is one big plateau, modeled after parts of France?), and will have a few more hills to traverse before we get to our destination. Buckle up!

Welcome to Lusca!

Lusca Square in Lusca

We made it to Lusca! This is Lusca Square- welcome. Take a good look around- this whole neighborhood was built through inspired feels and everything flows together. While there's new construction happening down the street, right here at the corner and around Lusca Square feels inclusive, walkable, and well-planned. There's a number of different fun things to visit, including a game zone, bowling alley, theater, and more!

Having ice cream at Lusca Square II

I really enjoyed this ride, and hope you did as well! There were a few more cool spots along the Circuit that I left out for brevity, but definitely take your time to explore and enjoy (and remember, there's rez zones every couple of sims).

Till next time,

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