03. Belli Cruisin’.
Let's take a ride through the new neighborhoods in Bellisseria by land, sea, and air!

03. Belli Cruisin'

I've been a resident of Bellisseria since June 2019, when house roulette on the forums was all the rage, and in that time have grown to absolutely love exploring the continent by land, sea, and air. Bellisseria, like Bay City and other Linden-created spaces, is a treasure trove for explorers, with nooks and niceties to find and photogenic spaces to love spread across the continent.

While I've been intently focused on improving the mainland travel experience for all in the last few years, my roots began in Belli. It was the first property that I attained before diving into mainland building, and the most inspiring place that I own. From the community of welcoming residents who organize for fun and experience-enhancing social events, to the Moles who design creative spaces for all to enjoy, I'm constantly inspired by the energy and spirit of community that has been cultivated on this continent.

World Map of Bellisseria (and Sansara to the NW, Satori to the NE), April 2021

Recently (and after the map started working again- it was down for months), I noticed that Bellisseria had grown exponentially, and decided to take a trip to some of the new lands to experience them from my home in Shady Corners. Let's go on a journey!

The Ride

We're going to take a long ride (probably 2+ hours from start to end point, with exploration time) from Shady Corners on the NE end of the first continent in Belli, to the Southern tip of Satori in Bagheera, travelling wholly through Bellisseria by land, sea, or air. As always, while I'll check in with the major beats of the journey, you're encouraged to take your own route, stop when you find something cool, and to explore! ♥

Journey Tips
  • Pack a wearable boat, wearable bike, and wearable helicopter with you on your journey. Mainland is unpredictable sometimes with sim crossings, and rezzed vehicles can vanish. For a continuous experience, keep these handy while traveling.
  • Head to your nearest rez zone if you lose your vehicle using one of your wearable crafts. There's a ton of rez zones around Bellisseria- since they're ever evolving (and we're traveling in new territory), you may have to explore to find them.
Sometimes I wear heels while riding bikes, because it's SL, and why not? They're cute. ♥

I start my journey heading right from the starting point toward a little park on the left side of the street, at the shoreline. I'm planning to hop from my bike to a boat, traversing down the continent into the new areas, and exploring from there! There's something so serene and nostalgic about riding through the Traditional home neighborhoods- the suburbia reminds me of 90s family movies with heartwarming scores.

I'm going to pop on my wearable boat from What Next until I find a rez zone. As mentioned in the tips, as we're traversing along uncharted territory, there may be times where we won't have the ability to rez a vehicle. Having transportation that you can wear allows you to freely travel and experience less lag at sim crossings.

Forging a path in my wearable boat.

Deciding on a path that looks promising- a shoreline in Shallow Passage, I head southeast to my next point. There's a few land masses that I've not yet seen, and I wonder, as I row mindfully by, about the creativity my neighbors are now displaying from their rowboats. It's beautiful to know that our world is ever-evolving, and new sights are literally a ride away.

I change my windlights a lot- try it, and enjoy the view. ♥

Beautiful ride! Onwards- from Shallow Passage, let's take a helicopter ride through the Victorian, Cabin, and Stilts homes neighborhoods to the shoreline at the northern corner of this land mass, in Fair Harbor. In this leg, be sure to maintain an altitude of at least 150 to avoid security orbs. Here's where that wearable helicopter will come in handy, and a tip- if you turn your AO off and click CTRL-R, you'll enable 'always run', and will move a little faster with wearable vehicles.

As you're flying, try to dip down when you can at protected land spots- I found this cute treehouse and dock structure on an island in Leia's Landing. If you'd like to, descend to the boat rez zone (indicated with the zig-zag lines in the water) and take a leisurely sail around the island- there's a developing railroad and more that's visible from the water.

I also spotted this cabin neighborhood, camming down in Sherman's Forest. So many lovely views to discover along Bellisseria!

Did you make it to Fair Harbor? I just did, and really enjoyed my time flying over the Victorian, Cabin, and Stilts home neighborhoods. One thing that sets Bellisseria apart from other planned neighborhoods created by the Moles is the theming- you can find different themes throughout the lands. Each can be seen and followed on the Community forums- follow that thread to stay updated on new themes that may be debuted at SL18B!

Okay, woo! We're on our last leg, and have seen so much through our journey so far. Next, we'll encounter some completely new territory as we ride through the new Stilts homes, as well some even newer themed neighborhoods that were added recently! We'll land on Route 8 in Bagheera after a long boat ride, then short helicopter ride from the southern coast of Satori. Get your camera (and wearable boat and helicopter) ready!

On the way up the coast, I stopped by my home in Plage Marsouin to pick up my boat and take a little rest in my home. I wonder if I left some food in this home... ♥

While a bit harder to pilot than my wearable vessel, I love the durability and versatility of the Bandit 460AK- it handles well and provides a smooth land through Linden waters. I'm excited to hop in and cruise up the navigable waters ahead.

I have three Linden homes because I like to try and enjoy new themes. ♥ The Stilt home is a fast fav.

I love this canal we're passing now- the views are amazing and the sim names are super interesting! Sharkira, Nat Kingfish Cod, Marlin Monroe- you get the drift. (ba dum tisss- mom jokes!)

While traveling, I stumbled upon this interesting structure that looks like something under the sea, in Apostle Shallows:

It looks like there's a treasure over there- someone tell me what's inside!

Okay, onwards! I love how the Houseboats and Stilts sit together in this neighborhood- another nod to the creativity of those who build our world. As the view is varied but still in development, I'm going to power through to the newer lands from here (the deep green land northeast of this point), but feel free to take your time and stop- lots of beauty to be found. ♥ Share what you've found in the comments, if you'd like!

Alright- I made it to the mouth of the new lands at Brady Stream, and it's the newest theme, the Chalet Homes. This home style debuted last holiday season and has lovely hygge vibes. I found a few creative neighbors and enjoyed their curb appeal.

I cammed past the river view while rowing north (and lost my Bandit boat + hair + shoes somewhere at sea- thank you for saving me, wearable boat!), and caught a glimpse of a beautiful neighborhood in Bluebell Forest. With every theme, I delight in seeing what folks do with the same models- there's so much creativity in taking a base object and adding your energy and expression.

Further north, I encountered an empty island in Bergheim and my imagination starting going. What could it be? A cozy bar with local brews? A place of solitude? I love the excitement of coming back to this area in a few months to see what's new.

And even further north in Whitedeer Trails, there's an absolutely beautiful shoreline with an interesting building in the distance and pirate ship at the water:

A bar! I definitely stopped by to get a drink. And how dope- it reminds me of builds in the Alliance area of World of Warcraft, an MMO I played a long time ago.

Alright, now hopping back at the helm a little more inebriated, and a lot more motivated to keep up the river, north towards Satori. While traversing the river, I couldn't help but imagine taking riverboat tours to the bar- wouldn't that be fun? Let's keep heading northeast up the river- meet you at the mouth in Buffalo Springs.

What a long ride up, but a beautiful one! The excitement is palpable as the river opens to Satori, and the possibilities of roleplay and connecting a 'full mainland' space to a 'controlled mainland space' (that is, the Moles provide direction and a covenant/HOA guiding development of a controlled mainland space, where full mainland has little rules). We're going to take a flight, so pull out your helicopter here as we fly over to Bagheera for our final, final leg of the journey.

We made it! A long journey, but an enjoyable one that took us through a ton of different Bellisseria neighborhoods and environments. Which were your favorite? In any case, I enjoyed having you along for the ride, and enjoyed the peace of the journey.

Until next time,


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