04. Earth Day.
Today, I honor Gaia by sharing in the work to keep her beautiful, both holistically and virtually.

04. Earth Day

Today, I make it a point to holistically send healing, love, and renewal energy to our Earth. As without, so within- the Earth is not only our home, but a reflection of the beauty, love, and renewal that we manifest from within.

In Second Life, I seek experiences that allow me to move in silent meditation and appreciate the beauty that nature and creativity both hold.

The surf community in SL hosts a peaceful spot to celebrate Earth Day- in the adult-friendly Cohiba Bay chill area, a beautiful, cozy place to enjoy nature and meet new folks, there's an Earth Day event that encourages cleaning up our world. For each piece of trash you pick up, you gain a cute prize and contribute to cleaning up Cohiba Bay!

Celebrate Gaia in your own way today, but show respect and love to her always. Happy Earth Day!

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