05. The Dapper.
Dapper Day is one of my favorite celebrations at one of my absolute favorite places in SL, WEDCOT!

05. The Dapper

Dapper Day is a celebration of refined style, fun, and fancy that happens at the Walt Disney World theme park a few times a year. Luckily for us, we get to relive the magic of Disney in a 1:1 tribute park to Disney's Epcot, complete with the rides, sights, food, and sounds that you'd experience in the real life version!

WEDCOT is such a place of joy- with seasonal events, weekly parades, character appearances, and more, it's not only a family-friendly locale, but a place to engage your inner child. Each ride is thoughtfully created to curate joy, and a walk through the park brings all of the nostalgia of a childhood theme park visit.

One of my fav things to do when visiting WEDCOT is to (turn my sounds on and pop on my headphones first, then) find and love collectibles, something that I do to not only have fun, but practice mindfulness and being present in the moment while honoring past experiences.

Find your fun at WEDCOT- Dapper Day ends TODAY, and you can gain cute collectibles from the event. Dress in your best dapper style and enjoy a day with your inner child!

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