06. Adding to Our World.
I love creating places of relaxation to find and love. Visit some of my favorites along Corsica's Circuit la Corse.

06. Adding to Our World

I love adding places to find and love around mainland, and as you know, I've been focusing my attention on Corsica nowadays. Aside from hosting WONDERPARK and Little Kenya Restaurant, there's a couple of small experiences that I'd love to share with you.

Soulful Living is a gacha resale and interior design boutique, showcasing airy home design using gacha items. Most items in the store are for sale, so if you love a design, feel free to buy the set. Designs will be rotated regularly. ♥

Small projects like this motivate me to think and move creatively, to tap into an innate sense of peace and create a harmonious living area for one to love. It brings me joy to 'zone out' and create, and one of my favorite things to do is to stage a home using minimal prims. Each space at Soulful Living will be created with the full design being less than 100 prims. I love the challenge.

Breathe Bathhouse and Cafe is a peace-inspired spa featuring a shower and sauna area, Hot Stone Room, and Himalayan Salt Room, with a small cafe to enjoy after your relaxing experience.

A publicly-accessible, complimentary experience, this was one of my favorite things to build with very minimal prims. At right at 100 prims total, the bathhouse is not only efficient, but adds ambience to an already beautiful area, Campbell Coast.

I encourage you to venture into mainland and find your piece of home. Build your dreams, with respect and love for your neighbor. Tell me what you've added to our world!

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