07. Passports Poppin.’
Grab your passport and start exploring today! Where will your wanderlust take you?

07. Passports Poppin'.

The last few weeks for me have been a blur, but one thing that brings me back to peace is travel. Taking quiet, mindful journeys around our world allows me to focus intently on the energy of creativity, which in turn revitalizes my own creative energy and spirit of creation. If you ever need an energetic pick-me-up, I'd suggest grabbing your passport and taking a flight!

The wonderful folks at the Bellisserian Bureau of Bureaucracy has created a roleplay system of travel that offers FREE passports from Bellisseria to travel our world, with visa stamp locations spread across the continents! I've thoroughly enjoyed traveling through Bellisseria, but love to visit all of the continents to enjoy the creativity found when creative boundaries are loosened (as mainland is privately-owned and created, whereas Linden Homes neighborhoods are curated and created by the LDPW). To get started, visit the Head office to receive a passport- like in any bureaucratic org, you'll need to fill out a form and WAIT, but after turning in an application, you'll receive your own passport:

My current passport ♥

I'm proud to announce that FOUR of my mainland locations now host passport stamps terminals- FIND and COLLECT them, today! ♥

There's a ton of other new passport stamp locations to check out, and more added regularly. Visit the BBB Gazette website to check out what's new:

Happy traveling!

♥, Soul

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