07. Passports Poppin.’
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Grab your passport and start exploring today! Where will your wanderlust take you?
06. Adding to Our World.
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I love creating places of relaxation to find and love. Visit some of my favorites along Corsica's Circuit la Corse.
05. The Dapper.
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Dapper Day is one of my favorite celebrations at one of my absolute favorite places in SL, WEDCOT!
04. Earth Day.
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Today, I honor Gaia by sharing in the work to keep her beautiful, both holistically and virtually.
03. Belli Cruisin’.
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Let's take a ride through the new neighborhoods in Bellisseria by land, sea, and air!
02. Leisurely Circuit.
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Taking a leisurely drive around the Circuit la Corse, with beautiful stops along the way.
01. The Vordun.
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The Vordun Gallery plays an important part in my experience, and is my first post because it inspired my never-ending wanderlust and quest to find the most creatively built and cultivated spaces in SL.